RC News & Links

Here is news and links to other club events, online articles, resources, YouTube videos and websites.

•  All about RC Jets and Aircraft
Here’s a link to a site provided by a viewer who suggested we post this for people who are interested in learning about radio control aircraft.  Lots of info and resources.

  Lun class – Ekranoplan

•  Neat video of a P-51 flying, REAL P-51 that is.

•  Amazing in cockpit view of the Blue Angels

•  Video of Spitfire in WWII

•  Here’s a video shot with drones, absolutely beautiful!

•  How to Hinge Your RC Plane
A YouTube video done by club member Alex Acevedo and his wife Courtney for Redwing RC

•  Virtual Aircraft Museum

•  Basics of Flight

•  All the World’s Helicopters and Rotorcraft