Upcoming Field Events

Chili Fun Fly

Saturday, October 30, 2021
Sunday, October 31 for a rain day. 

Anchored by club member Mark Dehn. He starts his day around 5:00 am by hoisting a very large metal kettle above an open flame and by 9:00, he is treating members and guests to genuine outdoor cooked chili. Thank you Mark for contributing your time and expertise for this very popular club event, members look forward to it every year. There will be leftovers and we plan on serving them at our swap meet the following weekend.

New Years Day Fun Fly

January 1, 2022 – (Saturday)
How convenient to have our Annual New Year’s Day Fun Fly to fall on a Saturday. That should help with attendance as long as the cold and the wind isn’t working against us. Hope to see everyone there to kick off the 2022 flying season.