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Chili Fun Fly

Saturday, October 29, 2016
Another great weather day, we are used to much “chillier” temperatures for our yearly fall event. It is anchored by club member Mark Dehn. He starts his day around 5:00 am by hoisting a very large metal kettle above an open flame and by 9:00, he is treating members and guests to genuine outdoor cooked chili. Thank you Mark for contributing your time and expertise for this very popular club event, members look forward to it every year.
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161029_chili3 161029_chili2 161029_chili1

Club BBQ

Sunday, September 11, 2016
The weather could not have been better for the late summer event held by our club. Many members with families and friends came out to enjoy that along and brought side dishes that went well with the outdoor grilling. Thanks to all who helped make this another one of the best attended and most fun events of the year.
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160911_bbq2 160911_bbq1 160911_bbq3

The First Fun Fly of the Season

June 12th, 2016 at 9:30 am
Dave Pretto was the contest director for the first fun fly of the season held on a hot Sunday morning. There were two timed/precision events along with the ever popular egg drop at the end. Nine pilots competed for prizes and bragging rights. Craig Overy was the grill chief and also came in 1st after all the points were totaled. How does he do it all? The egg drop contest claimed one plane this year, Jeff Peterson planted his plane after dropping his egg due to engine problems but we can still blame it on the egg!

These field events are just a part of why this club is so much fun to belong to. Any type of plane, (glow, gas, electric), any experience level, enables you to participate in these events and walk away with a feeling of camaraderie and being part of the Columbia RC club. It doesn’t get any better than this…

Here are the pilots who competed listed in the order of who won the most points:

  1. Craig Overy
  2. Brian Wright
  3. Kevin Simpson
  4. Mike Muzzey
  5. Matt Sobozinski
  6. Cameron Cook
  7. Tyler Blanchett
  8. Jeff Peterson
  9. Dave Pretto



New Years Day Fun Fly

January 1, 2016 – (Friday)
It was another cold day to start off the flying season but what do you expect for the first day of January? There was a big fire in the pit and Mark Dehn brought leftover chili to help keep members warm. (Thanks Mark) Dan Gapsch brought his wife’s now famous pineapple upside down cake, he now has to bring one for any future events the club has or he can ‘t attend! Mark Schuler was the first to fly this season but didn’t keep his Messerschmitt ME-109 too long in the air due to cold fingers. Three or four other pilots got in some short flights as well. Santa brought Cameron a new lens for his camera, check out the great pics he got on that cold Friday morning.
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New-Year-2016-10 New-Year-2016-17 New-Year-2016-28

New-Year-2016-39 New-Year-2016-61 New-Year-2016-72

New-Year-2016-42 New-Year-2016-53 New-Year-2016-26

Columbia RC Chili Fly

October 17, 2015 – (Saturday)
Club member Mark Dehn and his grandson Joe got to the field around 5:00 in the morning to start preparing one of a kind, home made chili, slow cooked over an open flame in a big iron kettle for all members and guests at the Columbia RC field. Thanks Mark and Joe. Thanks also to members who brought side dishes (the pineapple upside-down cake was fabulous) and also to Dave Pretto who braved the wind and brought a trainer plane with a buddy box to take some kids and adults up for their first experience with flying radio control airplanes. Thanks also to Jeff and Ken Dixon who brought some planes to the field to sell for ex-member John Aschenbrenner. It was a great event to cap off a fantastic flying season.
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20151018-ColRC-02 20151018-ColRC-01 20151018-ColRC-05

20151018-ColRC-06 20151018-ColRC-03 20151018-ColRC-04


Columbia RC BBQ

September 13, 2015 – (Sunday)
Great weather and food came together for a fine morning and afternoon for Columbia RC members, family and guests. Thanks to all members who worked hard to get everything ready and for all those that brought a dish that complimented the BBQ.

A letter from Dave Pavlakes to Dave Pretto:
While roaming around the field, taking pictures, I noticed the general attitude of most people there. From the “Old Timers” to those who were there for the first time – they all had a very good time. And thanks to you, your wife and those helping you, our barbeque was a big success. Rhea did a great job organizing the food brought in. I don’t know how she did it, because I suspect lots of people didn’t let her know what they were bringing.
I felt like this letter of thanks should be written. Most of us feel like I do, but just don’t put it on paper.  So, on behalf of all of us…

Thank you, David and Rhea!

There was a lot of smoke from the grills and the planes. Here are just a few pics – click on an individual image and see it full size.

IMG_9296 IMG_9297 20150913-ColRC-03